Resilience is an approach for which, "beauty comes before everything" to defend a pictorial and emotional photographic compostion. That of the cult of photographic art, and that of natural beauty, nourishing one another, for a tireless commitment in favour of the protection of nature. Through the emotion that carries her, Jennifer takes photographs as mental projections of her inner world. It's above all a colourful universe with subtle messages, her presence, among others, allows her to tell a photographic story of a romantic heroine in a picturesque environment with mountains, trees and endless fields. In her images, the creation of the photographic rhythm is the keyword. The eye is called upon to feel poetry, light, lines, colours and emotion, to free the imagination of each. To love, and to pay attention to the details of the little things around us, with respect, is her conception of life. From her powerful emotions, these allow her to bring out a universal visual force. 

"I've been looking at your website carefully and I have to tell you that your photographs are magical. I love how in your portraits you merge with a nature of abstraction and color forming a single body under the cosmic influence. In me, your photographs have triggered a psychological process of apprehension. You've opened my wish box. I hope to solve this existential dilemma soon. It's normal for this to happen. When photography becomes a work of art. Especially your artistic work".
Nluz Love, (Photographer.)

"She works from her close environment. She takes note, in its chance and its fleetingness, of this “presence of the present”, in a gesture that is both plastic and subjective. Through the different series, devoted to subjects that touch her plastically and personally."
Corridor Elephant.

"The secrets and wonders of the Earth are visible to everyone. Osmosis is revealed by understanding the invisible to interpret the visible as such. Values, respect, love are the essence of research and perfects Nature, those that Man can never recreate. It is only a question of humility towards the living beyond all human conditions. This force gradually faded away, this bond so dear to the Universe. Aren't we most ungrateful creature? ".
Jennifer Orhélys.



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