My Folk Tales

Peace in my Soul

Part II: The Present.


At Jennifer Orhélys there is an explicitly claimed artistic and romantic approach, for which "beauty comes first" and which leads her to defend a photograph as an Art in its own right, and a tireless commitment to the protection of nature. It is simply the conjunction and worship of photographic art and that of natural beauty feeding each other. To Jennifer, her will is to cultivate a pictorials, no-documentary conception of self-portrait and landscape photography. Indeed, it is monopolized by its action in favor of "creative" photography, inspired by the emotion felt through the romantic pictorial works among others and the photographer Alfred Stieglitz. These are photographs, whose eyes are focused on lines, color, light and emotion.

"My oldest and most living children's memories are those of being perched in a tree or at the top of a fir in my garden; the bees cohabited in the tree, which made the journey all the more exciting and exhilarating. Little girl, I loved climbing trees and admiring the view from above, perhaps because it made me feel like an adventurer. Yes, that's it - being in a space that was out of the ordinary, and this feeling in adulthood allows me to free my imagination. I have an indescribable love when I am in nature. I observe it, and it's a pleasant sensation to be one with it. In my eyes, it's with joy that I create it in photography or even in storytelling. It's alive."

"No great artist sees things as they are; if so, she/he would cease to be an artist."
- Oscar Wilde.

Dans la série "My Folk Tales", il apparaît une démarche artistique et romantique explicitement revendiquée par la photographe Jennifer Orhélys, pour laquelle « la beauté vient avant tout » et qui la conduit à défendre une photographie comme Art à part entière, et d’un engagement inlassable en faveur de la protection de la nature. C'est simplement la conjonction du culte de l’art photographique et celui de la beauté naturelle se nourrissant l’un l’autre. Pour Jennifer, sa volonté est de cultiver une conception picturale, non-documentaire, de la photographie de l'autoportrait et de paysage. En effet, elle est accaparée par son action en faveur de la photographie « créative », en vivant l'émotion ressentie à travers les oeuvres des peintres romantiques et du photographe Alfred Stieglitz. Ce sont des photographies, dont le regard de la photographe est centré sur les lignes, la couleur, la lumière et l'émotion.



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