'Light Of Darkness'



Permanent Collection in the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art, Japan.

'Light Of Darkness', is a series of Self-Portraits, where the focus is on clearness body, movement and emotion. There is an important post-production work with a mixture of painting and photography. It's a meticulous and delicate process, where each photograph requires more than 10 hours of work.

When I've seen Jennifer's portfolio, I've quickly realized her creative connection to the universe, another cosmic world that affects me too. Specifically Jennifer takes us to her own trans-dimensional trance, makes that particular and private creative state a place where we can all feel the emotion of the creator ecstasy, another reality extracted from the surreal time of dreams materialized in works of art. Abstraction and color serve as a volatile structure to his evanescent vision of the body expressing the subtle dematerialization of his being. There is no support for existence in the representation of his body only an ethereal pleasure of illusionant levitanting state that punctures the consciousness and heart of the viewer among the dreams of Jennifer, genius woman. 
Nluz Love(Artist-Photographer.)



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