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"I am nothing and I want nothing."
-Jennifer Orhélys.


Official letter of inclusion: The Affordable Art Fair, New York, March 27th-31st, 2019.


Good News, 

The book "Quotes" will kept forever and can only be viewed as a reference book in the British Library, UK.


I m so excited, You are invited to celebrate "Her Story" and the works of over 400 creators from around the globe.

Thur, Mar 28th  |  8 pm - Late 
113 Jane St  |  New York, NY


“Toute notre vie consiste à apprendre et à oublier.”
Proverbe allemand.


"This visceral and resulting fear of environmental urgency leaves a bitter and metallic aftertaste while thriving and propagating beautiful illusions, confusions, and remarks of rich moralizers giving no reflective opening on the true ecology, that of sharing, participative and positive. That is to say, an ecology erected collectively and whose perceptions and foundations based on intuition, observation, experience and studies on nature. Although everyone wants a new world with better social justice, that would allow everyone to have the serenity to contribute and help nature. We, the observers, keep an enlightened eye on the positive and negative changes in our natural environment, where already is visible a green revolution deserving quick attention from the human population that may well be on the sidelines in the future suspends."

—Jennifer Orhélys.


40 artists to be included in a book to be published by the end of March 2019.

Quote: "My only freedom is to dream, so I dream of freedom"

Life is not a long, quiet river; it was many hardships along the way. A true artist is a wounded being who expresses a vision of the world - or at least the ideal towards which he or she strives. The freedom to dream, to think, to act and to be must be preserved; that's what I'm trying to convey through my photographs.

Many people have died for the right to live in peace, but it may be that in the 21st century, the only real freedom is the freedom to dream.

I, therefore, create a dream-world where I am the protagonist. I am also the author, the actress, the hairdresser, the make-up artist and stylist - to offer spectators a moment of exceptional sharing with someone detremined to express all the emotional facets of her soul. It is - hopefully - a magical, sensitive moment that guides to the dream and the unknown.

My self-portraits are therefore pictorial stories where the " Wild creatures" express their ambivalent and heart-rending feelings.

By the freedom and the emotion that carries me, I create an imaginary world, coloured and imbued with the subtle messages of solitary heroines.

My History

History knows no hazardous coincidences, and that of Art is no exception to the rule. Perhaps it is the confused awareness of the imminent risk of extinction and the nostalgia for an illustrious lineage that expressed through the photographs of Jennifer Orhélys. And always the gaze of the public, dreamer, rushing into his universe to try to ward off fate. This notion of foreign family and artistic lineage, which no one denies existence: also asserts that Art today is now a globalised territory and devoid of "local" mentalities. But let us pass this dehumanisation, and surround the other, dear to Orhélys: the notion of anchoring and belonging, to collective history in construction and constant renewal. Thus, Jennifer has always asserted her individuality built of blood and soot, in the space of ten years, while creating a personal and coherent aesthetic; to the point of giving birth to specific codes.

Nominee, International Color Awards

CONGRATULATIONS on being a Nominee at the 12th Annual International Color Awards with: 

Nominee in Fine Art | Nude 

7,241 entries were received from 79 countries and your work received a high percentage of votes overall. Certainly an achievement, well done! 

The Jury represented the industry's biggest names and tastemakers including Sotheby's, New York; Benetton, Ponzano Veneto; The Art Channel, London; Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg; Droga5, New York; Preus Museum, Norway; Art Beatus, Hong Kong; Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg; Wieden & Kennedy, Portland; Fox Broadcasting Network, Los Angeles; Gallery Kong, Seoul; and Phillips, New York who reviewed the entries online before making their nominations and honoring 761 title awards and 1,032 nominees in 37 categories. 

Exhibition, New York.


In celebration of Women’s History Month.

Our voices are conveyed on canvas and in sculpture, captured in photographs and experienced in environments of intention.
How can we convey and celebrate ideas of feminism and empowerment? What are the collective or individual ideas of how the world “should” be, and our place in it? How do we speak to all, expressing our truths, and the realities of our world as it is, today?
How can we make an impact and communicate in such a way we feel heard while speaking about our responsibility to ourselves, and to our community?

Maybe or Maybe not

"Un artiste est un rêveur qui accepte de rêver du monde réel."
George Santayana.


I m so excited.
My Wild Tales will be published in AL-TIBA ART MAGAZINE and with an interview. It's a great magazine of Designer, Fashion, Art and Creator.


The Curator at the Musinf of Senigallia of the Photographic Self Portrait (Italy) writes a book about 1500 artists and I will be in, from the '70s to the present, from all over the world who work with the self-timer and the photographic self-representation: this is the first and most complete research on the topic. The book will be presented in numerous cities of Italy in Museums and Academies, as well as the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. 

Thanks Giorgio.


Dodho Magazine - Series Nines - publication


Official Letter of Inclusion: Scope Miami-Art Basel

December 4th - December 9th 2018.
801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Official Letter of Inclusion: Miami Dome

On December 6th, 7th and 8th 2018, to explore an enchanting 360-degree visual experience as SeeMe Artists takeover the Miami Dome, located in the heart of the Magic City District.



I m exhibited in Miami.

On December 6th, 7th and 8th, you are invited to explore an enchanting 360-degree visual experience as SeeMe Artists takeover the Miami Dome, located in the heart of the Magic City District.

December 4th (VIP only)
December 5th - December 9th (Open to public)
801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Exposition Nuit Bleue, au Studio Arty, Paris.


Publication attendue dans le magazine de mode: Veces Magazine, avec ma nouvelle série The Weight Of Water, 2018:


Fubiz Media a publié un article sur l'exposition Nuit Bleue à Paris.


Exposition Nuit Bleue, au Studio Arty, le samedi 6 octobre à Paris.


Art Takes SoHo, Volume 1. The Glorious Revolution, 2018.

The Artist Jennifer Orhélys explore the fragility of nature and human-made world.

In these uncertain times of ecological change, Jennifer Orhélys Self-portrait/landscape photographer seems to have found a subtle way to portray her relationship to nature in grandiose landscapes. So the world around us become a hot topic and the relationship between the Earth where we live and how we should be treating; it’s an issue which has become central to public and private life and political policy. Artist Jennifer grew up raised in scenic surroundings with mountains, trees, and fields. There is a quiet strength in common to all her images, even though at times they straddle the point between peace and lonely melancholia. Jennifer Orhélys explores themes such as the fragility of nature and the human-made world with her dramatic and thought-provoking photography. It is why most of her works are self-portraits, as Jennifer typically finds her ideal tranquil locations. So representing the Earth as a woman or a mother is very common in many societies. Utopian for some and inspiring for others, she wants us to see the vulnerable splendour of the living world.


Official Letter Of Inclusion in Times Square Exhibition, june 2018.



1. What is One fashion rule you never break? 

 In fashion, there are sometimes more rigid rules than others. I created a personal style, and I think to move away from "fashion faux pas". The only rule I don't break is a lipstick and a cloud of perfume, this dresses the beauty of a woman.

2. What interests you in Fashion? 

 My artistic work based on fashion and this is in my genes. Indeed my French grandmother was a stylist Haute Couture in Paris. I like the idea of a costume, to become someone else, to create a character. And above all, I love fashion and beauty.

3. What styling advice would you give to your younger self?? 

 It's said never to wear sequins in the day that reserved for the party. Me, I wear it with casual and essential pieces: sneakers and t-shirt. The advice is, forget the rules, invent, find your style to be free.

4. How would you describe a perfect Fashion look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this? 

 The perfect look for me this spring is the top with a message and high waisted pants, white baskets. I like Coco Chanel. This woman embodies the French ideal chic.

5. One tip you would like to give to our readers? 

 Fashion is inspiring, goes beyond the rules and flees: " Never wear.."


Toujours en vadrouille. 
L'exposition du CROUS International Français et Allemand est toujours d'actualité, ce semestre, elle se trouve à Münster.

Youth in Art

When artists are young they possess a determination and enthusiasm that allows them to develop their talent and innate abilities, improving the quality of their work through repeated trial and error. Many of those who have devoted themselves to their work in this way will find that it is when they are in their 30s that they are able to establish their own style, and produce their representative works. Works from this period, which can be described as the starting point of their career, serve to expand the field photographic expression and create history.
"So I shine with the photographer heros who built my imagination and youth, like Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Brassaî, Robert Frank, William Klein, Peen in the K*MOPA muséum. We shine eternally."

Thank you very much.



New York, New York (Friday, March 9, 2018) — Kicking off Armory Art Week, the ever-growing artist community SeeMe, premiered this year’s exhibition event series in partnership with PUBLIC ARTS. A panel of recognized creative professionals curate each SeeMe show following an extended online competition. The first exhibition of 2018 features Bita Cuartas, Nima Chaichi, Gabriel Guerra Bianchini, Jennifer Orhélys, Jean Toir, and Cristobal Marambio.

(Photos TB)


Le plus grand magazine photos Européen, Mars 2018

Nikon 2018.

Galerie Nikon, coup de coeur de la Team.

NIKON 2018.

Je suis dans la Galerie Nikon, coup de coeur de la Team.


Certificate of Selection for the KMoPa Archives

Your work exemplifies the wealth of creativity of young photographers passionate about photography; thus, it is fitting that it be included in "Photographs by the Next Generation: Young Portfolio." The Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts has selected this work for the permanent collection. We look forward with interest to your further contributions to photography.
The 2016 Young Portfolio Selection Committee,
Chang Chao Tang
Keizo Kitajima
Eikoh Hosoe.

My name in Japanese,
ジェニファー. オ^リース

Vielen Dank für die freundlichen Worte, Julia.

"....,Weil uns deine Fotografien unheimlich gut gefallen."

Book Of Exhibition

Book of exhibition Photographs by the Next Generation Young Portfolio Acquisitions 2016, K*MOPA, Japan.

Total number of participants, 205.
Total number of submitted works, 5123.
Total number of artists whose works have been acquired, 25.
Total number of works acquired, 158.


Japan 2017

Ce que le jury a pensé de mon travail;

"These are images without borders, but when seen among submissions from a variety of countries, there is something very French about them. I feel a strange weight in them. (Kitajima)

They look like fashion shots, but the expression is outstanding. Very stylish. (Chang)"


My work was featured in the popular photography magazine "PHaT PHOTO" (vol.98) in Japan, 2017.


Et c'est parti.

Japan 2017.


Sous le lierre,

Assoupie dessous le lierre
Je pense encore un peu.
Inconsciente immobile
Sous la bise des bois.
Attrapeuse de rêves
Dans un conte macabre,
J'enfouis des pensées
Sous la terre humide.
Faut-il que je m'éveille
Pour un dernier sourire ?
Peut-être vais-je choisir
De sombrer au néant,
Peut-être à tort
Si le vent le décide.
L'émoi qui me tord
Serait donc tombeau ?
L'alchimie de vie
Et toutes ces choses
Pour lesquelles
Je préférerais périr,
Font en sorte
Que je sursaute encore,
Balbutiant quelques larmes
Ou sanglots mêlés au sang.
Alors par un baiser suintant
Mêlé de bave d'escargot
Et gargouillis de coléoptère,
Chimère s'empare de mon âme.
Ne trouvant qu'interdits
Et sens giratoire à la vie,
Je survivrais sans doute
Aux plus prolixes écrits.
Assoupie dessous le lierre
Je rêve encore un peu.
Ma conscience fragile
S'élève au fond des bois.
[366 jours en quelques mots]
Auteur : La Fée d'Hiver
Scénario : Yann Le Brech
Décors : Roger Harth
Costumes : Donald Cardwell 


Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.


Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.



Quiz Photographe Getty: 

Réponse, Le Connaisseur.

"A la recherche du talent Artistique: Une image vaut mille mots et vous êtes l'image même d'une véritable visionnaire. Ennuyée par l'ordinaire, la monotonie n'est pas la nuance que vous portez le mieux. Vous êtes susceptible de tracer votre propre chemin que d'obéir aveuglément au consensus général. Vous voulez toujours avoir une longueur d'avance, bien que vos habitudes rigoureuses peuvent parfois vous freiner et vous faire tomber dans le perfectionnisme. Si la vie imite l'Art, vous êtes celle qui convertissez cette vie en Art."


Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.


Times Square, New York, 2016.


HM IPA, 2016.

J'ai obtenu l'Honorable Mention pro pour ma photographie "Light of Darkness" dans la catégorie Portrait/Self portrait International Photography Awards. Je suis la première du classement.

Honorable Mention pro for my photography " Light of Darkness " in the category Portrait / Self portrait International Photography Awards. I am the first.



Berlin Foto Biennale

Jennifer is proud to be one of 440 photographers selected to the 4th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography exhibit in Berlin from October 6th to October 30th, 2016.



Je suis publiée dans un magazine international d'Art et de Photographie influent, "Dodho Magazine, 2016".

Jennifer Orhélys's images feel like a Breathless Dream.



Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.


Honorable Mention pour le Prix de la Photographie Paris pour la série "Rouge-Rouge".


Fahrenheit Magazine, 2016.

Los autorretratos oníricos de Jennifer Orhélys.



Third Place MIFA, 2016.

J'ai obtenu le Troisième Prix de la Photographie Moscow International Foto Awards dans la catégorie Fashion et Self Portrait. 

Third Place Award in the category Fashion and Self portrait Moscow International Foto Awards.



My series: One Empyrean.

Jennifer is proud to be one of 65 photographers selected to the 19th Biennial of  Photography International exhibit in Nancy (France) from May 7th to May 22th, 2016.

KD GALERIE est un nouveau lieu culturel d'exposition et d'événementiels situé au coeur de Nancy.
C'est un espace de 400 m² avec une galerie, une veranda et un jardin dans l'esprit industriel, proposant différents ateliers et expositions.




Silvershotz Magazine Australia, 2016.



Imaginarium French Magazine, 2016.




L'Oeil de la photographie French Magazine, 2015.


SLF Magazine, 2015.

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