"Publications, Exhibitions, Awards."


Citation du mois de février.

"Je Suis un Zèbre, et alors!"


Pour ce mois de Janvier, je fais la couverture de Portrait Magazine, plus la publication de ma série Résilience avec 6 autres photographes prometteurs.

The Glamour of Nature

Small unrepeatable events in nature, Jennifer transforms them, through her artistic sensibility into intimate and cosmic events. The fertility of color shown by his photographic images blooms from his heart to tell us the life of an infinite world. Where the most intimate nature that belongs only to its being expands towards us, mere observers who let ourselves be enveloped by its imprint, allowing us to dream of the reflections, colors and textures of a nearby world that in turn escapes our touch to return. To start feeling another new photograph of Jennifer. In it, behind its crystalline eyes we can sense the existence of the paradise of the glamour of nature.
Nluz Love (Artist-Photographer).

Citation du mois de janvier.

"Je reste debout. C'est tout ce qui est en mon pouvoir."
Martin LUTHER.



Life in Quarantine, virtual Art Gallery 5'14, Slovénia.


C'est une magnifique et impressionnante exposition au Centre Culturel Canadien à Paris. Elle est aussi virtuelle et sera présente jusqu'en octobre 2021.

Image sent...Image envoyée, 

Centre Culturel Canadien à Paris, à partir du 17 septembre 2020.

Cette production du Centre culturel canadien à Paris réunit 36 projets photographiques inédits d’artistes majeur.e.s de la scène contemporaine canadienne ainsi qu’un volet citoyen regroupant 50 images envoyées par des et des franç

Né du confinement, ce projet propose le nouveau regard d’artistes professionnel.e.s comme amateurs.rices, qui nous offrent une vision actuelle et personnelle de leur monde. Les artistes envoient vers la France et vers les Français un aperçu de leur univers, au Canada. L’exposition rend aussi hommage, par la réciprocité de sa composante citoyenne, à l’amitié Canada-France à travers des images créées par les Franç pour les et par les pour les Franç  


See Me Gallery, New York, 2020.

 Exclusive Interview with, Jennifer Orhélys and Marvelous Art Gallery.

Hello Dear Jennifer Orhélys, thank you for giving us the chance to interview with you. 

Our first question is how Quarantine affects your Art? 

It was an awkward moment because many things were turned upside down, our relationship with others, the fear of the other, the fear of being facing oneself without being able to move, the fear of being alone, the fear of dying. This period was so distressing that I could have done nothing, created nothing, trapped in all my fears. But I wanted to live and do something for others, beautiful, vibrant, emotional. Although the melancholy was present, I was affected by all the negative emotions that I felt in the depths of my being. But I went beyond that, went beyond and emancipated from everything to create. I wanted to resist and help others, those who were not lucky enough to have this nature around them. It's helping the human through human and nature or… only Art.

Bring it back to the basics, what inspires you to create and what motivates you to keep creating? 

What I find very inspiring are the lines, the colours, the emotion when I am facing the beauty of nature. I observe I pay attention to details when I find myself alone in nature. I create above all with my feelings, because I'm a sponge. I have no artists or photographers to name who will inspire me, I let my imagination wander, and then I do. Above all, I like to create images that nobody has seen; it's this challenge that I find fascinating, which doesn't yet exist. So to keep my creativity, I allow myself time to absorb, I let the images come into my head after I design them in their entirety to achieve perfection. It's vital for me to create. And I would like to open their eyes to people who no longer see the essential.

We see that melancholy stand out in your works. But your backgrounds are mostly bright. Can we get the main theme of your works with your own words?

The central theme of my photographs is Romanticism. I am a romantic. And this is undoubtedly due to my Germanic origins. Melancholy is present in my works, but it is there to encourage reflection and questioning. With me, it doesn't assert itself in a disturbance, a disorder or obtuse angles as we can see in Expressionism, for example. No here in my works, calm, fullness, an introspection, the order is the watchword. I am not disturbed.

What do you believe it means to be an artist, and how did you start with your art adventure?

Being an artist is, for me, a strong desire to show a world that surrounds us with emotions to arouse it in others. The artist builds the imagination of his spectator and gives him the freedom to dream and escape for his trouble and maybe in a stressful daily life. I have always created, but it was when I studied at La Sorbonne that I discovered a talent and confidence for the Art of self-portrait, how it all started for me.

We can see most all of your artworks in the Nature theme. Can you explain to us a little bit about how does this affect you to work with nature?

Nature is essential. The human being doesn't pay enough attention to her. He is like disconnected. It isn't always in great acts that we must aim, but if each person makes a minimal effort, then things can be changed. So, I show the nature and human vision with my sensibilities for the future generation.

Can you tell us your artistic vision and what inspires you to work with your theme?

It's an approach for which, "beauty comes before everything" to defend a pictorial and emotional photographic composition. That of the cult of photographic Art, and that of natural beauty, nourishing one another, for taking photographs as mental projections of my inner world. It's above all a colourful universe with subtle messages, my presence, among others, allows my to tell a photographic story of a romantic heroine in a picturesque environment with mountains, trees and endless fields. In my images, the creation of the photographic rhythm is the keyword. The eye is called upon to feel poetry, light, lines, colours and emotion, to free the imagination of each. To love, and to pay attention to the details of the little things around us, with respect, is my conception of life. From my powerful emotions, these allow her to bring out a universal visual force. 

Can you give us a spoiler on what's coming next for Jennifer Orhélys?

Well, I exhibited in New York, Italia, Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris. And I work with an editor for making a book, but I will know more in September.

L'artiste doit être dans son œuvre comme Dieu dans la création, présent partout et visible nulle-part.

Gustave Flaubert

Il vient un moment où l'on sent que les Hommes ne peuvent rien pour vous ni vous pour eux, c'est alors que l'on comprend mieux les mystérieuses ressources de la prière. 

Pierre Reverdy, poète français.

Exclusive Interview with, Jennifer Orhélys and Altiba9 Magazine.

"Dear Jennifer,
I am very happy you received your magazine. Your article looks great, everyone who sees the magazine in our office, stops in your article to say: WOW!!"

Jennifer, before talking about photography, could you tell us about yourself? Who is Jennifer Orhélys?

Since always, I love the world of art, painting, poetry and fashion. As a child, I was wild enough, and I could watch the clouds in the sky for hours, make huts in the forest, be in contact with nature, and animals. I like contemplation and daydreaming. My mother has always done everything to excite my culture, the taste for beauty and exacerbate my intuition. I think that I arrived there, thanks to her love. Orhélys is an invention, a fantasy for some, I play it sometimes. It's merely a character, a creature invented from scratch. Everything is a question of measurement.

How did you decide to pursue a career in photography? What inspired you?

Photography has always had a privileged place in my life. The idea that I like to explore above all else is the suggestion. Suggest things. I studied cinema at the Sorbonne and also photography, from which stems this desire for staging in my Self-portrait and more recently for the macro. I can not say that I am consciously inspired now because my creative process is slow and flashy. We can talk about enlightenment, but maybe this is simply the divine who inspires me, why not?

How would you describe your photographic approach?

My photographic approach is summed up by respect for myself and nature. I want to show what's beautiful, and share it to as many people as possible. I like telling stories, dreaming. Besides, one of my other dreams is to write children's stories. I think it's vital to create a little sweetness in this world of bullies.

Can you give an example of a portrait that you have made that you feel is especially successful? Will you walk us through the process a bit, and talk about how and why you ended up with the result that pleases you?

Many of my photographs have been very popular with the public. It's hard to pick one. But I'm thinking of Blanche Aura, whom I created in 2012. I know now that she is part of the collective unconscious. This self-portrait opened doors for me internationally and exhibited in Times Square on a building. This is one of the most impressive moments of my career. It's a self-portrait in full light at home with an apple from my orchard. I remember being a little stressed during the shooting. But when I saw the picture, I immediately felt its potential. After this is just a post-processing story on photoshop, with the saturation, colours, I retouch a little bit. In the end, I felt such joy in front of her; it was incredible.

what do you find most challenging about portrait photography?

It is to be able to express an emotion, to create a feeling in the other. I know that I get there easily.

What is the hardest portrait you have had to take?

The self-portrait is not tricky. It's a game, but maybe when I'm sad, it can seem complicated. But this emotion disappears after a few minutes since I can finally be myself and express something, and not be afraid of the unknown.

If an aspiring photographer asked you for advice, what would you tell them?

The most difficult is to find his style. Work and work again and again. Do not be demoralised when doors close and then talent is always rewarded.

Are you working on any project that we will be able to see soon?

I have been working for five months on my series My Flesh's Nature. This series is the most intimate I conceive, at least for the moment, it speaks of my tastes, my aspirations, my vision of the world and my feelings. Italy, America and Eastern countries mark their approval on this series, but for now, I am in comprehensive research, so I give myself time.

The photographer Jennifer Orhélys in three words...

Passionate, committed and serious.




Mon Dieu donne-moi la sérénité,
d’accepter toutes les choses que je ne peux changer.
Donne-moi le courage de changer les choses que je peux,
Et la sagesse d’en connaître la différence


Official letter of inclusion: The Affordable Art Fair, New York, March 27th-31st, 2019.


Dodho Magazine - Series Nines - publication



I m exhibited in Miami.

On December 6th, 7th and 8th, you are invited to explore an enchanting 360-degree visual experience as SeeMe Artists takeover the Miami Dome, located in the heart of the Magic City District.

December 4th (VIP only)
December 5th - December 9th (Open to public)
801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Exposition Nuit Bleue, au Studio Arty, Paris.

The Artist Jennifer Orhélys explore the fragility of nature and human-made world.

In these uncertain times of ecological change, Jennifer Orhélys Self-portrait/landscape photographer seems to have found a subtle way to portray her relationship to nature in grandiose landscapes. So the world around us become a hot topic and the relationship between the Earth where we live and how we should be treating; it’s an issue which has become central to public and private life and political policy. Artist Jennifer grew up raised in scenic surroundings with mountains, trees, and fields. There is a quiet strength in common to all her images, even though at times they straddle the point between peace and lonely melancholia. Jennifer Orhélys explores themes such as the fragility of nature and the human-made world with her dramatic and thought-provoking photography. It is why most of her works are self-portraits, as Jennifer typically finds her ideal tranquil locations. So representing the Earth as a woman or a mother is very common in many societies. Utopian for some and inspiring for others, she wants us to see the vulnerable splendour of the living world.


Official Letter Of Inclusion in Times Square Exhibition, june 2018.

Youth in Art

When artists are young they possess a determination and enthusiasm that allows them to develop their talent and innate abilities, improving the quality of their work through repeated trial and error. Many of those who have devoted themselves to their work in this way will find that it is when they are in their 30s that they are able to establish their own style, and produce their representative works. Works from this period, which can be described as the starting point of their career, serve to expand the field photographic expression and create history.
"So I shine with the photographer heros who built my imagination and youth, like Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Brassaî, Robert Frank, William Klein, Peen in the K*MOPA muséum. We shine eternally."

Thank you very much.



New York, New York (Friday, March 9, 2018) — Kicking off Armory Art Week, the ever-growing artist community SeeMe, premiered this year’s exhibition event series in partnership with PUBLIC ARTS. A panel of recognized creative professionals curate each SeeMe show following an extended online competition. The first exhibition of 2018 features Bita Cuartas, Nima Chaichi, Gabriel Guerra Bianchini, Jennifer Orhélys, Jean Toir, and Cristobal Marambio.

(Photos TB)


Certificate of Selection for the KMoPa Archives

Your work exemplifies the wealth of creativity of young photographers passionate about photography; thus, it is fitting that it be included in "Photographs by the Next Generation: Young Portfolio." The Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts has selected this work for the permanent collection. We look forward with interest to your further contributions to photography.
The 2016 Young Portfolio Selection Committee,
Chang Chao Tang
Keizo Kitajima
Eikoh Hosoe.

Book Of Exhibition

Book of exhibition Photographs by the Next Generation Young Portfolio Acquisitions 2016, K*MOPA, Japan.

Total number of participants, 205.
Total number of submitted works, 5123.
Total number of artists whose works have been acquired, 25.
Total number of works acquired, 158.


My work was featured in the popular photography magazine "PHaT PHOTO" (vol.98) in Japan, 2017.


Sous le lierre,

Assoupie dessous le lierre
Je pense encore un peu.
Inconsciente immobile
Sous la bise des bois.
Attrapeuse de rêves
Dans un conte macabre,
J'enfouis des pensées
Sous la terre humide.
Faut-il que je m'éveille
Pour un dernier sourire ?
Peut-être vais-je choisir
De sombrer au néant,
Peut-être à tort
Si le vent le décide.
L'émoi qui me tord
Serait donc tombeau ?
L'alchimie de vie
Et toutes ces choses
Pour lesquelles
Je préférerais périr,
Font en sorte
Que je sursaute encore,
Balbutiant quelques larmes
Ou sanglots mêlés au sang.
Alors par un baiser suintant
Mêlé de bave d'escargot
Et gargouillis de coléoptère,
Chimère s'empare de mon âme.
Ne trouvant qu'interdits
Et sens giratoire à la vie,
Je survivrais sans doute
Aux plus prolixes écrits.
Assoupie dessous le lierre
Je rêve encore un peu.
Ma conscience fragile
S'élève au fond des bois.
[366 jours en quelques mots]
Auteur : La Fée d'Hiver
Scénario : Yann Le Brech
Décors : Roger Harth
Costumes : Donald Cardwell 


Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.


Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.



Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.


Times Square, New York, 2016.


Berlin Foto Biennale

Jennifer is proud to be one of 440 photographers selected to the 4th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography exhibit in Berlin from October 6th to October 30th, 2016.



Vogue Italia.

Jennifer is published on Photo Vogue Italia, selected by Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue.


Fahrenheit Magazine, 2016.

Los autorretratos oníricos de Jennifer Orhélys.



Third Place MIFA, 2016.

J'ai obtenu le Troisième Prix de la Photographie Moscow International Foto Awards dans la catégorie Fashion et Self Portrait. 

Third Place Award in the category Fashion and Self portrait Moscow International Foto Awards.




Silvershotz Magazine Australia, 2016.



Imaginarium French Magazine, 2016.




L'Oeil de la photographie French Magazine, 2015.


SLF Magazine, 2015.

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