'My Wild Tales'

The Fire Under The Ice 

Permanent Collection in the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art. 
It is a museum devoted to photography in the Kiyosato region of the city of Hokuto, Japan.

"My Wild Tales" are pictorial stories where the wild creatures* express their ambivalent and heart-rending feelings. The characters are embodied by a mixed-blood girl who appears evasive, but impressive of emotions and mysticism. The solitary heroines captured in an emotional turmoil where staging is the magic word. This fashion series explores the universal themes of dreams, fairy tales, mythology, and religion, evoking the Pre-Raphaelite, and Romantic painting. Thus the female creatures often look away from the viewer, and the face often hidden by the environment, staging or mask (makeup). So the viewers enter in a fairy tale and interpret the story of the image in search of the hidden meaning.

*Alone, in my World. I'm French with Prussian, Italian and Belgian origins. In a way, I can say that I embody the diversity of European cultures. For this reason, I realized an autobio-photographic series on the theme: What is it to be French? Thus, by my culture, my languages, and my education, I try to determine my nature, which makes me to be "French". In Germany, it's said of France that "it is the country where wine and honey flow." France represents freedom and has a wealth of landscapes in these different regions. In my photographs, France is represented as a landscape decor, that I translate in geometry, colors, and with stagings of light.

"These are images without borders, but when seen among submissions from a variety of countries, there is something very French about them. I feel a strange weight in them." (Kitajima)

"They look like fashion shots, but the expression is outstanding. Very stylish." (Chang)

"Strangely Beautifully." (Nikon Club)

Several Popular series form My Wild Tales as, One Empyrean (2015), Eternity (2015), Peasantry (2016), Pagan Poetry (2016), Stage of Mind (2016), and My Earth's Memory (2017).

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Semi Finalist, Public, New York, 2018.
Fashion and Cinema, Nikon Club France, 2018.
Runner Up Self-portrait, Format Magazine, 2018.
Honorable Mention Fashion/Beauty Chromatic Awards, (pro), 2017.
The Next Generation Young, K*MoPA, Japan, 2016.
Third Place Moscow International Foto Awards, 2016. 
Honorable mention, Photo de Paris, PX3, 2016.
Honorable Mention London International Creative, 2015.
Honorable Mention International Photography Awards, 2015. 

New York, San Francisco, Yamanashi (Japan), Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Nancy, The Gallery Nikon France (web)...

"My Wild Tales" sont des histoires picturales où les créatures sauvages* passionnées expriment leurs sentiments ambivalents et déchirants. Les personnages sont incarnés par une métisse qui semble élusive, mais impressionnante d'émotions et de mysticisme. Les héroïnes solitaires sont capturées dans une agitation émotionnelle où la mise en scène est le maître-mot. Cette série de mode, explore les thèmes universels des rêves, des contes de fées, de la mythologie et de la religion, tout en évoquant la peinture préraphaélite et romantique des siècles passés. Les créatures féminines détournent souvent le regard du spectateur, et le visage est généralement caché par l'environnement, la mise en scène ou un masque (maquillage). Ainsi, les spectateurs entrent dans un conte de fées et interprètent l'histoire de l'image à la recherche du sens caché.

"Jennifer Orhélys excelle dans l'exercice périlleux de se renouveler dans l'autoportrait. Son portfolio nous donne à voir mille femmes différentes. Le résultat: elle nous emmène très loin, et nous fait partager son monde; une féerie à l'esthétique ardente."

"Ma seule liberté est de rêver, alors je rêve de liberté." (Benoît Granger.)

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